A very berry christmas

As Summer settles in and Christmas comes closer the berry picking season is about to begin! Register for the newsletter on our homepage, www.montroseberryfarm.com.au, and make sure you’re the first to know when the picking commences! Opening times and berry picking instructions will also be put on the homepage as soon as the patches open.

Here’s what the berries are doing right now:

Our boysenberry crop is arguably one of our most tastiest, but we are in limited supply this year! So as soon as we announce the patches are open, grab your friends and family and head down for an unforgettable day in the Southern Highlands. Montrose’s blackberries are also set for a particularly juicy season, with prime picking time expected in about three weeks.  So stay tuned – don’t miss out on plucking a punnet of blackberries! And though our apples have a little further to go before they can be harvested, we are all set to net the orchard and keep them protected from the parrots and bats!

And when we are not ogling over what’s growing in the garden, we have been busy in the homestead, bustling away and making a range of our preserves with this summer’s fresh fruit. Come down to the Montrose shop to pick up a wide range of yummy jams to go on your Christmas morning toast, (which must be enjoyed with a pot of tea and prezzies).

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