An Intimate Wedding at Montrose

We had the pleasure of sharing Erica and Beau’s  intimate wedding of thirty-five last weekend at Montrose Berry Farm. What an amazing day, the sun stayed hidden by the lingering clouds and the night was cold. But all of this added to the uniquely special day shared by all that were present on the farm.

Montrose Berry Farm seemed to be the perfect location for Erica and Beau’s intimate wedding.The tranquility of the surrounding grounds added a calm and relaxed feel or this very special day.

The wedding was DIY with a strong vintage theme. Nothing makes a wedding and the beginning of a lifelong marriage more personal than DIY touches.

Fairy lights were strung throughout our luscious greenery, with a dance floor placed under the stars, making the night effortlessly romantic. The barn was decorated with rich velvet couches placed around the fire hosting many conversations. The ancient English bond brick of the barn worked oh so well with the vintage touches Erica had selected.

We hope you enjoy the images just as much as we do.



If you fell in love with Erica and Beau’s special day, and are looking for something similar, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Montrose Berry Farm. We would be delighted to meet you.

Thank you Daniel K Cheung for these beautiful images.

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