Berry Picking Guidelines

Welcome to Montrose Berry Farm for a pick your own experience

As we are providing an experience to you and your friends/family we want it to be a pleasant one. We greatly value the fruit and plants in each patch as they will provide the experience to you our customers in the years to come, our income as well as provide wages for our four employees. We therefore require anybody in a berry patch to also take the care and respect for each plant as we do.

We have some common sense guidelines that everybody must follow to ensure that you all have a safe and enjoyable experience that will allow us to continue to offer pick your own services to the public.

  • Adults must take responsibility for children’s safety and well being and supervise and accompany children at all times.
  • After registering until you have weighed and paid for your berries you may not eat any. All picked berries must be placed in your container.
  • No running as we have uneven ground.
  • We provide all containers for picking. No bags, backpacks or prams are allowed on the farm.
  • Do not damage the plants when picking.
  • Picnic facilities are not available at the farm but are available at the rest area opposite the farm, or ask our staff about other nice spots in the nearby area.
  • No pets allowed.
  • The farm is closed except for the patch being picked; for safety please do not wander over the farm.
  • There are bees, spiders, wombats, rabbits, snakes, lizards  and birds, etc on the farm.
  • We have a first aid kit and phone at the shop if required in an emergency.
  • No-one must go near the dams.
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Do not drink water from the taps as it is bore water.

Anybody and group not adhering to the above requirements will be asked to leave the property immediately.

$12.50 per person entry is charged for anybody entering a berry patch. Each person can then pick up to 0.5 kg of berries. Should a person pick more than 0.5 kg you will be charged $2.50/100gms for the weight in excess of 0.5 kg.  We want you to come here to pick berries. If a person stays more than half an hour in the patch we expect them to pick at least 1kg each. Young children are charged $7.50 entry fee which includes an allowance of 300g of berries. It is $2.50 per 100g thereafter. For payment we accept cash, Mastercard, Visa and Eftpos.


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