Christmas at Montrose

Montrose Berry Farm is ramping up for Christmas!

Our abundance of berries are being netted so please join our email list on our home page as we send out an email when patches open. Go to to make sure you’re the first pick! You don’t want to miss out on those juicy Christmas treats.

Montrose are also heading down to the Nation Convention Centre this weekend for the Handmade Christmas Markets in Canberra. Come join us and get all your Christmas shopping over at once. You will find everything you need for this festive season; gifts, food, trees, decorations and even your Christmas ham. Check out all the goodies they have on offer;

And if you don’t fill everyones stocking at the Market,  you can always pick up a Montrose Voucher available for berry picking, a relaxing reatreat in the cottage or a bundle of our berry products!