James and Martina’s PERFECT rainy day

Martina and James’ plan was to have a beautiful garden ceremony at Montrose  followed by an outdoor reception in the surrounding gardens. Unfortunately, mother nature was not on side with this plan. It rained… And rained, then rained a little more. So it was decided… up come the marquee for the ceremony followed by an indoor reception in The Barn.

The day was perfect, they didn’t care about the rain nor about the months they spent imagining a sunny day. Which ended up one of the worst weathers of the year. The garden’s still came alive as they walked down the isle, the air still tranquil and filled with love, and the cosiness of The barn gave them warmth and shelter in a romantic and protective manner. They just loved each other and enjoyed the moment.

For each and every bride out there, your day is what you make it. And Martina and James made it perfect, Congratulations once more on your special day and Thank you  Florent Vidal for your amazing images.